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About us

BIOMACON GmbH was founded in 2003. The head office is located in Rehburg, Germany.
Decarbonising energy production is a very old technology. Even in the bronze age engineers used this technology to make their tools. The big challenge is to adapt this technology to the needs of the 21st century. In the past, optimal process management depended largely on the skill and experience of the operator. Today, the process is highly automated and nothing is left to chance. The optimal process management helps the customer to use his technology with the best possible benefit for a long service life. Our technology is constantly evolving and there is no end in sight.
Modern pyrolysis machines consist of a variety of different trades. In recent years, manufacturing technology has developed rapidly. Suppliers manufacture high-precision assemblies that we would never be able to produce ourselves in this quality.


We want every biomass boiler in operation to be replaced by a decarbonizing energy system.

We want that our BIOMACON DECARBO Energy Systems significantly contribute to CO2 emission compensation.


Our DECARBO Energy Systems should be ideally adapted to user requirements.
Simple operation, a robust machine and fast customer service should ensure continuous energy supply and sequestration rates.

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