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C400-I in Flaach, Schweiz

Since the beginning of May and 4080 hours of operation, the Biomcon plant has been running on our farm. It has met the expectation and we have achieved the EBZ certificate with a carbon content of over 80%.

With dried chopped wood from landscape and forest we currently produce about 1.3 tons of biochar per day. What we have learned in the short time, the input material determines the success.


Another guarantor was The certification of the system by the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland so we are legally on the good side.

There were also some problems that were fixed quickly thanks to the good service and support the company Biomacon GmbH.


We are proud of what has been achieved so far, now the last milestone follows the heat release into the district heating network.


Many thanks to the team of Biomcon and all other partners in the project

Anton Meier, Geschäftsleitung, Auen Pflege Dienst AG


C100-F in Sandnes, Norwegen

We, the City of Sandnes utilize residues from private and public spaces to produce biochar and climate positive heat. The Biomacon plant handles a wide variety of input material, both with regards to moisture and particle size. This flexibility is important for us as the input varies through the season and demand a minimal oversight.


The biochar is mainly bought by the city itself for urban tree planting with the “Stockholm model” where biochar and compost gives better growing conditions.


The biochar project in Sandnes is partial financed by the Norwegian environmental agency and serves as a demonstration plant.

ARNE Jørgensen, Project Manager, Kommune Sandnes

C160-F in Lidköping, Schweden

The Biomacon in Hjelmsäter makes so much sens. It provides Heat to the houses 365 day per year and The biomass we get from the forest on the farm, The Biochar is then sold or spread on the fiealds. Now with the demand of the biochar is so big. I can make 2 kubiks of Biochar per day when the biomass is dryed. And in that process i can dump heat in the dryer when it is not neede in the houses

Edvard Hamilton. Hjiemsäter, Operating manager Landbruk, Forest

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